Five Ways to Get Ahead of Pest Control This Year

Written by admin on January 23, 2018. Posted in Backyard, Bug guard, Insect control

How to get rid of mosquitoes

If you live in a part of the country with a traditional winter, you are probably enjoying the pest free season. But, don?t get to comfortable because they will be back before you know it. As soon as the temperatures climb above freezing, the pests will begin emerging again. If you are not prepared for the pest season, you could be left with a pest infestation that quickly gets out of control.

Stock up on residential pest control supplies now

As soon as spring emerges, homeowners will be running to the local home improvement stores to stock up on residential pest control supplies. It is possible that some of the better supplies will run out. Do your research now and order your residential pest control supplies today. On the first warm day of spring, you can spray your bug guard and prevent an infestation from ever happening. It is helpful if you are aware of the common insects and rodents in your area, so you can purchase a product that eliminates them.

Schedule a pest inspection service

Scheduling a pest inspection service now will help you beat the rush of the spring season and will prepare you for any extra pest control services you might need. Pest control companies can inform you of common pests in the area, which can be helpful for newer residents. They can also inspect the exterior of your house for any pest damage from prior years. Termites are a huge problem in some areas. A homeowner who discovers termite damage will spend an average of $3,000 to repair the damage. This is why it is so important to evaluate for any damage and handle the problem before it gets out of hand.

Begin spring cleaning as soon as possible

Exterior tasks can be put off for many months over the cold winter. But, as soon as the winter starts to fade, it is important to complete those spring cleaning tasks. Leaving items, like wood, surrounding the house is the perfect breeding place for termites and ants. Termites eat wood and carpenter ants tunnel into wood to nest. Remove the piles of wood and other debris from around your house. The same goes for rotted stumps and logs. Keep firewood at least 20 feet away and five inches off of the ground. It is important to not wait to complete this task, as both termites and ants will quickly breed.

Cover any holes in the exterior of your house

It is also important to look for any holes in the exterior of your house or garage. As spring comes, many rodents will be looking for places to breed. The breeding process is extremely fast and before you know it, you are facing an expensive problem. A single female mouse produces 5 to 10 litters per year. These litters consist of 5 to 6 young which are able to reproduce after just 30 days. One month after giving birth, that 5 to 6 mice can become 25 to 60 mice. Now multiple that number by one year and you get 300 to 720 mice! Removing exterior holes helps by not giving them a place to breed.

Spray for mosquitos

Although mosquitos are one of the least damaging of the possible pests, they can be very irritating. They leave bites all over your body and are known for carrying disease. Make sure your residential pest control product also has a strong insect control. If your property is known for having a large number of mosquitos, it might be advantageous to schedule a professional mosquito spray service.

The cold of winter gives us a reprieve from pests and rodents for a short time. But, once the spring temperatures come back around, they also come back in full force. Get a head start on your residential pest control and schedule your service today. Also, plan out your backyard spring cleaning and examine the house for any potential breeding places.

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