4 Reasons to Replace Your Windows

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If you have windows, you know that they are the main way you’re losing heat and wasting energy in your home or office. It might be time to call a window installation company and find the best windows for your building. Here are four reasons replacement windows might need to be in your future.

  1. You want to save money on your energy bills. If your windows are drafty, the air they’re letting out could be increasing your energy bills by as much as 10% to 25%. The Department of Energy estimates that the average energy bill in America is 45% heating, and the average cost of using natural gas heat is almost $650 a home.
  2. You want to better insulate your home.

Natural Disasters and the Need for Emergency Construction Services

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Asbestos encapsulation

There are a variety of natural disasters that strike households throughout the United States. In addition to the potential for adverse conditions brought on by drought, heat waves, and wildfires, cold waves, severe thunderstorms, and tornadoes can also lead to devastating results. As a result of these situations, many individuals and families are displaced because their homes have sustained damage or been totally destroyed.

Recent Tornado Damage

During late February, for example, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio were struck by tornadoes. Harrisburg, Illinois, in particular, experienced the most devastation. There were over 225 homes and businesses that were either damaged or totally destroyed. The estimated damage that occurred in this area amounted to $475 million.