Vintage Decor: Everlasting Style for Every Generation

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Did you know the average couch, if maintained properly, can last seven to 15 years? Or that the right armoire can be passed down generations and will most likely never go out of style? Certain things, like art, for instance, hold and often appreciate value throughout the years. Vintage decor adds flair and a certain amount of character to any room. Here’s why you include in your next project.

Vintage Decor is Generally Less Expensive
Statistically speaking, furniture is one of the most expensive things people buy, in addition to a home and a car. Buying vintage is a great way to save money for things, like that new addition to the garage.

Now, this depends a lot on where you live and the general market. Of course, if you are vigilant you will be able to find a great deal anywhere. Budgeting plays a major role when decorating your home. Blowing $1600 on living room furniture can put you in the red with one easy payment.

Since vintage furniture lasts multiple seasons, you can potentially find something that may have come back in style. On a lucky Sunday visiting a garage sale or perusing a local market for reclaimed items you could find some great furniture. When searching for the best vintage piece you have many options at your disposal as well.

Vintage Decor Promotes Customization
Contemporary furniture has instructions for assembly to help move a lot of product. It has to be easy to put together so your delivery driver can unload it and put it together. Or easy enough for the consumer to disassemble when moving if needed. The cookie cutter furniture method works; in fact, it works so well that you wind up having the exact same couch someone in Idaho has. Nothing unique about that.

Your furniture is a direct representation of who you are. Why not customize it to fit you? Now, of course, most people are not worried about DIY capabilities of their furniture. But, what if you could chop up those end tables and turn them into a deck bench? Outdoor furniture for a fraction of the price and something you crafted with your own hands using your indoor furniture. The projects you could work on are infinite; after the item has served its purpose you can get rid of it.

Old Furniture is Always in Demand
No matter where you travel you will find an antique store or boutique that wants your old furniture. Around 57% of people are interested in vintage furniture according to a survey from Furniture Today. Selling old and unique items can be very profitable depending on your area. Reclaiming and restoring your old furniture could bring in some money when you are finished with your item. Selling or passing on the furniture also keeps vintage items in style forever.

How To Split Your Studio Into Multiple Rooms With Studio Curtain Dividers

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Whether you’re living in a studio apartment or renting a studio for your work, you never knew the blessings of having multiple rooms until now. Even though it is still the same amount of space, multiple rooms in an apartment or work space give the definition you crave.

They also give separate spaces to which you can retreat if you share the space with a friend or significant other. Multiplying rooms within a studio is completely possible with studio curtain dividers, but it will take some planning. Know these steps to successfully dividing your studio into many rooms, and then grab your curtains to get to work.

Map Out Your Floor Plan

Before you start hanging studio curtains, you will need a plan of action. Grab a pencil and some paper to sketch out how you want to set up your space. Decide which areas and corners will be the bedroom, living room, and work space. Create multiple drafts with different combinations to find the best fit for the space that you have. Remember to consider the furniture that you need to accommodate and think about where the “doors” will be placed.

Think About Colors

If you’ve hung your studio curtain dividers and the space still looks like one communal blob rather than multiple rooms, consider color-coordinating your spaces. This doesn’t that your apartment should look like blocks of bright legos stuck together, but assign subtle color themes for each room to make them psychologically distinct from one another. The whole space should still flow together and make sense as one unit, but you can add small accents like blankets, throw pillows, and decorations of the same color to tie one room together.

Get Creative

While 33% of weddings occur in a religious institution, you may not want your home or workspace to look like one with heavy curtains hung everywhere. Fortunately, there are several different options when it comes to studio curtain dividers. Sheer drapes are a great and lightweight option for those who want a more whimsical feel in their space. Poly satin drapes make for an elegant look and give plenty of flexibility in choice of color. You could even invest in a screen projector to use as a divider as well as a reason to host movie night.

With the right drapery, you can transform a cramped studio into a space with clear divisions. Think outside of the box, or perhaps inside of one, and give your studio space the walls that it needs.