Do You Have an Insect Problem at Your House That Is Driving You Crazy?

Written by admin on June 30, 2017. Posted in Pest control delray beach, Rodent control delray beach, Termite control for homeowners

Termite control for homeowners

Your teenage daughter was freaking out about a wasp on the porch, so you tried to calm her down by telling her that you had never been stung by one. In fact, you continued to explain, only one time in over 40 years have you ever been stung by a bee. As you continued to convince your teen daughter that it was highly unlikely . . .
Until THE WASP LANDED ON YOUR HAND while you were talking, and your whole point was drowned out by our own high-pitched squealing and flailing about.
Now you know why your teenage daughter was freaking out. You did not get stung, but you certainly served as a source of protection for your daughter. The wasp was too busy owning you to even think about returning to the teenager!
As you recounted this creepy tale to your friend she said that she w