Why Local Radon Testing Is so Important to the Health of Your Family

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Local radon mitigation and abatement

Radon is probably the most dangerous thing you will never see, smell, or taste. Radon is an extremely dangerous gas and if you have this chemical element anywhere near where you live, work, or play, having it mitigated as soon as possible is an absolute must.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Surgeon General’s Office, the estimation is that as many as 20,000 lung cancer deaths every year can be traced back to radon exposure. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States behind cigarette smoking.

Maybe someone you know and love never smoked a day in their life but had lung cancer. It was likely a mystery that seemed to have no real answer. But, now we are finding out so much more about this deadly gas and

Radon Test to Make Sure You’re Safe

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Radon testing denver

Americans face a problem in many areas of the country today, a radioactive killer that is so circumspect that it leaves no odor trail or even the faint glow from an ultraviolet light. The radioactive killer is Radon and it has been known for thousands of years to appear to give “rejuvenation” for skin. In fact, it is decaying it.

Radon is known as an element on the Periodic Table and exists because of the decaying of Uranium–it is one of Uranium’s radioactive isotopes that is given off during the decaying of the element. Because Uranium decays so slowly and because of the long half life of Radon (the half life being the amount of time before half is gone), Radon will exist for millenia.

Radon, various environmental U.S. agencies have warned, poses a great threat, specifically in seven states a