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Sunlight Can Damage Furniture And Spike Your Energy Bill The Economic Benefits Of Smart Home Drapes

Written by admin on March 16, 2019. Posted in Aluminum vertical blinds, Shutters spokane, Sliding plantation shutters

Your home is a careful balance of presentable and hard-working. Underneath the polished veneer is a house that’s constantly trying to save you money and keep you comfortable.

What happens when you still aren’t receiving the benefits of a low energy bill and beautiful furniture? You get to the root of the problem. Many homeowners are turning to the benefits of roman shades to bring their home together from the inside out. From long, elegant draperies for your living room to roman shades for the bedroom, there are plenty of gorgeous ways to finally start saving. Should you be considering a simple renovation project…

…look below to learn more about custom shades and the myriad of benefits they can offer your home.

Protect Your Leather Furniture And Accessories With Roman Shades

This is a side-effect that tends to pronounce itself when it’s too late. While a little sunlight is good for both you and your home, too much

Hiring Contractors To Repair Your Foundation

Written by admin on March 11, 2019. Posted in Foundation issues, Foundation repair company, Foundation repair expert

American homes vary in price and shape, but they have one particular element in common: a foundation. There are a few distinct ways of building a foundation, and they should all provide just that: a solid base, a foundation, for the house. During construction, the foundation is built first, and later, foundation repair may sometimes be needed. Foundation failure can seriously threaten a house’s integrity, especially problems with a basement foundation. Foundation issues may range from cracks to leaking water, so a foundation repair expert can be consulted for suggesting fixes. A foundation repair expert will base the repair job on the foundation type and the local terrain, and a foundation repair expert may consult an expert geologist on staff.

Foundation Types

More recent American homes, such as many Texan homes, are built on what is called slab foundation. This is indeed a simple slab of concrete that is simple but sturdy, and it is proving popular among home builders t