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3 Reasons to Update Your Yard with Pool and Kitchen Designs

Written by admin on September 27, 2018. Posted in Outdoor kitchen design, Pool contractors tampa, Screen enclosures tampa

It’s such a fantastic feeling, we’d all agree, to be able to get home after a long day and escape into your own personal oasis of tranquility–otherwise known as your yard. So many wonderful memories, and such a great getaway!

Yes, you love your yard the way it is…but there’s always room for improvement, right? If that’s how you’re feeling, then you are not alone. According to the responses of 56% of the people participating in a study done by Houzz, people want to make their yards more friendly for entertaining.

How are they doing this? They are calling pool contractors, landscaping professionals and home improvement specialists to create custom pool designs, custom kitchen plans and screen enclosures to update their yards. So many possibilities!

Let’s look at three key reasons why pool contractors and other professionals are so busy updating yards across the country.

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Six Reasons To Consider Getting Replacement WIndows

Written by admin on September 17, 2018. Posted in Best windows, Window companies, Window installers chicago il

There’s nothing better than looking out your front windows on a bright, sunny day to take in the view, see the birds nesting in the trees and the squirrels scurrying through your yard. Or maybe you like gazing through the windows on a rainy day, watching the raindrops hit the windows and slowly trickle down.

For as many benefits as windows provide, there’s a good chance they might also be costing you a great deal of money. According to the Department of Energy, 45 percent of the average energy bill goes toward heating. What’s more, windows that are drafty and let air escape can increase your energy bills by 10 to 25 percent.

Regardless of whether you want to lower your energy costs, make home maintenance a little easier or reduce outside noise, there are plenty of options available for getting replacement windows. There are also plenty of benefits to replacement windows. If you’re thinking about visiting a local window company to inquire about replacement windows, consider th