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Radon Test to Make Sure You’re Safe

Written by admin on December 5, 2017. Posted in Denver radon mitigation, Local sump pump installation, Radon mitigation and abatement service

Radon testing denver

Americans face a problem in many areas of the country today, a radioactive killer that is so circumspect that it leaves no odor trail or even the faint glow from an ultraviolet light. The radioactive killer is Radon and it has been known for thousands of years to appear to give “rejuvenation” for skin. In fact, it is decaying it.

Radon is known as an element on the Periodic Table and exists because of the decaying of Uranium–it is one of Uranium’s radioactive isotopes that is given off during the decaying of the element. Because Uranium decays so slowly and because of the long half life of Radon (the half life being the amount of time before half is gone), Radon will exist for millenia.

Radon, various environmental U.S. agencies have warned, poses a great threat, specifically in seven states a