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Promote Restaurant and Commercial Kitchen Safety With Regular Fire Inspection Services

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Unfortunately, restaurant fires are not uncommon. Commercial kitchen fires occur on a regular basis, and more than 8,000 of these fires are reported every year. Given this, it is important to schedule regular fire safety inspections which includes regular service for fire extinguishers. It’s important to note that when portable fire extinguishers are in good working order, they have been able to safely extinguish a large percentage of commercial kitchen fires.

Recent data shows that 41% of non-confined restaurant fires begin in the kitchen and cooking areas. It has also been determined that 57% of these fires were caused by a variety of cooking equipment. When fires occur due to equipment igniting within a non-confined restaurant building fire, the major causes are due to deep fryers, ranges,

Have You Had Your Furnace Inspected for the Upcoming Winter Season?

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The leaves are starting to turn colors.
The display racks of stocking hats and gloves and mittens are appearing in the grocery stores.
And while it is not quite the time for snow, many home owners realize that now is the best time to get an appointment with a HVAC company to make sure that the furnace is ready when the temperatures begin to drop. HVAC services can help you prepare for the change in weather when it comes.
Whether you live in Alaska and have are trying to determine if you are seeing he first signs of termination dust on the tallest Chugach peaks outside of Anchorage or you are in the midwest simply looking for some relief from your summer and fall allergies, the first signs of cold weather are important to notice. Making sure that you have an appointment with a HVAC company