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Do Yo Need to Select New Replacement Windows for Your Home?

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It was a profitable summer job, and the fact that it let you to a permanent career makes it an even bigger win.
You have now decided to open your own window company and to be the first of many, you hope, window installers that will be on your staff, but this idea came to you the summer you spend as a college age claims adjuster for a local insurance company.
That temporary claims adjuster position helped you learn the basics of the window industry, how to offer the best customer service, how to accurately predict replacement costs, and, perhaps more importantly, work on your own. Window installers are trained in many of the measuring and assessment skills that claim adjusters have, and the fact that they get to focus on just one aspect of home repair and construction while claims adjusters

What Home Improvements Are You Planning to Make This Year?

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Every year, homeowners will usually spend approximately 1% to 4% of their home’s value on maintenance and repairs. The need for this will increase as their house ages, particularly in areas that experience heavy storms. If a home is valued at $200,000.00, for example, the cost for these annual repairs and maintenance needs will be a minimum of $2,000.00.

Do you have a roof in need of replacement? Or perhaps you need your windows and doors replaced due to storm damage. Other necessary repairs may include attic ventilation, siding installation, or flat roof coating. In addition to having repairs made, you may also be interested in additional home impro