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From Perching on Rocks and Stools to Modern Leather Furniture

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Nathan anthony furniture va

When designing your home, you know what you like and what you don’t. Maybe you have an eye for design and maybe you hand the reins over to a friend, capable family member, your spouse or an interior designer. Quite a lot of thought, deliberation, and maybe some trial and error goes into perfectly furnishing a space with all the right pieces, but have you ever thought about how we developed from sitting on rocks in caves to deciding what modern leather furniture best goes with the color of those walls?

The journey to modern leather furniture

So you are looking for high end contemporary furniture. You want the space you are filling to be welcoming but to also fit your style. The perfectly furnished room, Continue Reading | No Comments

Prolonging the Life of Your Home’s Appliances

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Most homes have multiple appliances. The appliances are an important part of the home. They make certain household tasks easier to accomplish. That is, until they break, and require repairs. Appliances can be difficult to repair, especially if you are not familiar with their parts and the process of repairing them. In most cases, a service repair professional is needed. This can get costly, especially if the appliance is unable to be repaired and a new one is needed. Fortunately, there are things that homeowners can do to keep their appliances in better shape, helping them to last for many more years.

Dishwasher repairs. The dishwasher, for many, is a benefit. It is not a necessity. In fact, not every household has a dishwasher in their home. Not all kitchens are set up to