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HVAC Warning Signs to Be Aware Of

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With proper maintenance, your HVAC ductwork and system can last between 12 and 15 years. But this is only if it is maintained properly and that you keep your eyes and nose open to any warning signs your system may be compromised. Heating and air conditioning repair can be expensive, so here are some warning signs and what to do about them.

Warning Sign: your home smells like rotten eggs

This is an incredibly dangerous sign because it means there is a gas leak in your home. HVAC systems will normally smell the firs

Propane ServicesThe Answer to Cleaner Air

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There is always a lot of talk about the advantages of natural gas heat over traditional oil heat. When people talk about gas heat, how often are they referring to propane? Well, propane services have become very widely used over the years. There are many advantages of choosing propane fuel above other types of fuel, the least of which is not its affordability. Heating your home with propane is not only cost efficient, but it is also very clean. Propane is extremely versatile and can be used for indoor purposes such as cooking, water heating, laundry, and fireplaces. Many chefs prefer cooking with gas as opposed to cooking on an electric stove. They say that propane provides a more even flame which helps with cooking times. Burners actually cool