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Remove and Prevent Algae Stains From Your Asphalt Shingled Roof

Written by admin on May 27, 2016. Posted in Cincinnati pressure washing, Driveway cleaning, Gutter installation service

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If you live in a humid climate, you have probably noticed those nasty dark streaks on your (and your neighbors?) asphalt shingle roofs. While most people assume that the dark streaks are a result of dirt accumulation, defective shingles, mold, or mildew, what is really is may surprise you.

The most common cause of dark streaks is a blue-green colored algae called Gloeocapsa Magma. It is spread through the air by spores. Algae is not harmful to your roof, but the stains can be unsightly and may lower the value of your home.

Have you noticed that these algae stains are never found directly below the metal flashing surrounding chimneys and roof vents? That is because the zinc coating on galvanized sheet metal is toxic to algae, so whenever it rains, trace amounts of zinc are spread down the roof,

Restaurants Have One Of The Highest Risk Of Fire What You Should Know

Written by admin on May 25, 2016. Posted in Fire extinguisher inspections clearwater, Fire suppression installation tampa fl, Tampa fire suppression installation

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Fires are one of the most prevalent issues facing working Americans today. Able to be started with a seemingly negligible spark or lack of ventilation, these natural disasters have the ability to destroy millions of dollars of equipment, injure hundreds and even cause death if not controlled. High-risk environments, such as the restaurant industry, sees a higher concentration of these fires on average and needs updated technology to keep both its workers and customers safe. Everything from routine fire extinguisher inspections to a fire extinguisher recharge go a long way in pinpointing the issue before it starts and keeping a sharp eye on the future in case worse comes to worse. If you