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Landscape Your Home to Perfection

Written by admin on December 18, 2013. Posted in Large outdoor planter, Precast planters, Wholesale planters

Large outdoor planter

When you look at a home, a street, a park, or any commercial area, the first thing that often catches your eye is landscaping. A home that is surrounded by fresh shrubs, bright flowers, and carefully placed greenery feels inviting. A street crisply lined with trees, bushes, and bright colors grab your attention. Parks and large commercial areas whose lawn has been perfectly maintained, decorated, and enhanced with vivid foliage and fauna urge you to stay a while and admire it. The effect that landscaping can have makes it easy to understand why towns and cities spend thousands of dollars on landscaping and, as it is popularly called, streetscaping. In fact, the horticulture industry in the United States is worth about $95.1 billion in revenue, according to a USDA-funded research report.

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Electrical Hazards What Simple Tools Can Keep Your Workers Safe?

Written by admin on December 16, 2013. Posted in Color cable ties, Concealed hinges, Desk grommets

Bolt cover

Did you know that, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 905,700 employees missed days of work in 2012 owing to work-related injuries or illnesses? Keeping your employees healthy and productive depends on maintaining a safe work environment. What simple tools and fixtures promote occupational safety?

Rubber Grommets

Keeping wiring intact and organized drastically reduces electrical hazards, fire hazards, and other accidents that may result in serious injury. Rubber grommets protect cables and cords by redirecting them away from jagged metal pieces or sharp edges and corners. Rubber or hard plastic grommets may be circular or oblong. Some grommets are specially designed to withstand extreme conditions, such as high temperatures and pressures. Employers can purchase rubber grommets onl