Do You Have a Home Painting Job Requiring a Commercial Crew?

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You spent three very long summers painting. As a result, you promised yourself that you would never pick up a paint brush again.
While a college student at the states largest university you worked as a night manager at the campus bowling alley during your freshman year. Your years of high school bowling and watching your uncle service pin setters made you a prefect candidate for the job. By your sophomore year you had been promoted to night manager of the entire student union. You oversaw the bowling alley night managers and helped check out and lock up after the food service employees finished their shifts.
While there was plenty of work to keep you busy during the school year, the summer schedule was very different. In an effort to keep the night managers from finding other jobs during the summer and le

How and When to Check the Exterior of Your Home

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Gutter replacement

If you own a building or a home, you probably haven’t thought a lot about the roof or the exterior and it may have been awhile since you checked on any of it. These things need regular checks just like the systems inside your house. The easiest way to get that done is whenever you have cleaners brushing off the roof, have them take a look at these few things to let you know if you need repairs and replacements any time soon.

Gutters need to be kept clear of debris and things like leaves and sticks. If they are left there too long, it will cause the water to not be able to flow freely which will cause blockage and pressure build up which could eventually crack and split the gutters. Other than that, Continue Reading | No Comments